Costume Rentals

We will not be doing rentals anymore.  We will be making an announcement soon about where you can rent our former stock from. 


How much do rentals cost?

All of our full costumes range from $40 (super simple) to $125 (film quality)

What is included in my rental?

All costumes include a limited number of appropriate accessories such as jewelry, boas, glasses, hats, and the like. Additional accessories such as shoes will add an additional cost.

Should I make an appointment to come in?
If you will be needing more than two costumes, yes. This includes theater productions, films, and stylists. However, we do accept (and welcome) walk ins for individual rentals such as for parties, wax museums, and  any other costumed events you may want to attend.

How long can I keep my rental?

All rental costumes are priced for a one week period. The amount of time it is used does not change the price unless it is over 7 days.

Do I clean my rental before return?
No. We take care of all costume cleaning in house after return. Please let us know upon return if there are certain areas that need extra attention.
What's the deal with the hangers?

We love our hangers. There is a $5 convenience fee for every hanger that is not returned. This ensures uniformity in our rental stock and allows us to order in bulk.

How long does it normally take to pick out a rental costume?

Times vary per customer, so please allow yourself at least one hour for the entire process. You will need to try on the costume and fill out paper work during this time.


For any other questions please contact:


(615) 256-0070




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